Where to Watch Cricket Live Matches?

In the era of mobile and the Internet, no one wants to sit back in front of the TV. Mobile is quite handy and easily movable. These are the reasons why day by day the demand for watching cricket matches through mobile is increasing. Don’t worry, you can have several sites and applications where you can watch live cricket matches. Before going to the discussion, you must know it, you can apply these sites and applications on your mobile, both android and iOS, and on Desktop or Laptop. Let’s know the names.

 That is why the demand for watching cricket matches via mobile phone is growing every day
  1. Sony LIVE is the most popular site or app on the internet currently. You can enjoy the live cricket matches here. However, you must know which channels are offering cricket matches. Sony LIV is a huge community, offering all the best channels free of cost. Though some channels are asking for a premium. The picture quality is just awesome. You can select the picture quality for some channels. Live Streaming is available here for all sports. 
  2. Hotstar Disney is the only worthy competitor of Sony LIV. It needs a subscription too but not for all channels. Hotstar always broadcasts all the popular matches, tournaments, domestic level to international, on their site. Picture quality is good but makes sure you have a strong connection, otherwise, blurriness will disturb you. The most amazing thing about the site is, you can have previous match recordings on this site which will help you to select a strategy. 
  3. Sky Sports. If the above two are disappointing you, then you can try this application. As the name is enough for you to know, this site is a hotspot of sports. Whether it is a casual time pass or betting purposes, you can use this app to watch the live streaming. Various analyses on the sports and events are being shared by experts here. To fix any strategy, these can help you. From domestic to international matches are being covered. But not all sports and all tournaments are available. It depends on them.
  4. BCCI TV is the Indian site. So, you’ll get only domestic matches here. All the domestic matches and some Indian T20Is, ODIs are being shared by them. All the latest updates are being given here. You can use this site for fixing the strategy too. It is sharing previous match recordings, analysis, player status, team list, and other crucial details for betting. Watching live matches will be more entertaining with this site. 

Other than these 4 sites, you can have extra three sites too. Those are ESPNcricinfo, Cricbuzz and Fan code. Most of the time, they share only franchise sports however if your purpose is only watching live matches, you can use it. These sites are offering live matches with minimum lagging.

Make sure, you have a strong Internet connection with the best speed, then you can enjoy it even better. Go for the subscription, you’ll get more updates and stats of the games.